1. When overseas clients contact us for the requirement of manpower recruitment from Nepal, we check with our database for the specific trade manpower required by the clients.
  2. We short list the candidates according to requirement of the client. All trade candidates are trade tested at the technical institute for their professional fitness. These short listed candidates are briefed about the company and sent for pre medical examination as we do not wish to disappoint our clients by selecting a trade fit candidates and later being medically unfit.
  3. LMS will require the following documents from the client for approval from the Government of Nepal. All Manpower recruitment agencies from Nepal must submit the documents which includes Demand Letter (Needs to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Affairs of employing country and by Nepalese Embassy), Power of Attorney (Needs to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Affairs of employing country and by Nepalese Embassy).,Guarantee Paper, Agency Agreement and Employment Agreement
  4. After receiving the documents from the client, it is submitted at the Ministry of Labour and Employment, for the registration and approval for advertisement on the widespread National daily newspapers. Advertisement is done according to the Government of Nepal Labour law and is part of the registration process in the recruitment of Nepali manpower.
  5. If qualified candidates, who is not register in our data base, report to our Manpower agency in Nepal after the advertisement is done, they will be processed by trade test and those who qualify will be briefed and sent for medical examination and included in the final short listed candidates along with the already existing candidates from our data base.
  6. All the short listing and pre selection is done by landmark, manpower agency in Nepal. The clients will only interview the qualified candidates according to their specification and requirements.


  1. After the selection of the candidates are done and confirmed by the clients, the visa processing is done according to the rules and regulation of that country. Some country the visa is stamped from their respective Embassy and some country the visa is sent by NOC or Invitation.
  2. Once the visa is received by UMS, the deployment approval for each worker is processed at the Department of Labour and Employment so as to be able to deploy the candidates to the client’s company.
  3. The final approval from Ministry of Labour and Employment takes 3-4 working days for the Nepal employment agency to get the paper work.


  1. When the final approval is processed the candidates are deployed with prior flight information to our client 3 days before the actual flight. Our manpower agency in Nepal will inform the clients of the deployment of the workers to their location 2 days prior the actual flight.